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2 Months Out!

This is a repost of my Facebook info, in case anyone needs to refer back.

#EqScape 2021 UPDATE!! We are 53 days away! I cannot wait to see you all. I did want to push out a few updates/changes from last year. Remember that all info can be found at Check out the Online Store there for your EqScape swag! I'll be trying to put together a 2021 EqScape special shirt - watch on here for announcement if I get it done! Please send us your flight information so the ranch can help coordinate shuttles. Fill out this form with your info. We will no longer be signing up for activities online. This will be done every evening for the next day. They are trying to add as many horse events as they can to support us, but please remember that (just like everywhere else) they are short staffed. Come with the plan to sit by the pool, drink margaritas, enjoy yourself, maybe ride a horse every now and then and we will have a great weekend. Breakfast and lunch will be buffet style, on your own as it was last year. Dinner will be split into shifts so we don't overwhelm the staff. They also have takeout options. More to come on signing up for times. Please discuss your vaccination status with your roommate. I really don't want to be the vaccine nazi, but I will expect all of us to follow CDC guidelines when interacting with the group, including masks while indoors and crowded outdoor settings. We will ask that all non vaccinated PWEs who want to eat in the dining room do so at 6 pm. The 6 pm meal time will be reserved for you, but others who are vaccinated are welcome to join at that time if they so wish. If you would like to participate in other meal times and PWE indoor group activities, please upload your vaccination card here These are TVGR's COVID policies; because of our profession, we will follow CDC guidelines. As travel plans change, please coordinate any cancelations/room switches through Hanna at the ranch. Sorry for the long message, and please bump for all!!

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