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48 Days Until EqScape2022!

We are 48 days away from EqScape!!! Here are all the details: TV will be reaching out this week and next to collect final payments and flight/shuttle information. They will call you, or you can contact Hanna or her Coordinator Megan. Hanna #: 520-731-5574 email Megan: 520-731-5585 TV will be adding flight information directly into everyone’s individual reservations. They have a discounted rate of $25.00+tax per person per way. This is for the Tucson Airport only. Be ready with your flight information when you call: arrival time, airline and flight number. This allows for drivers to track any early arrivals and delays. Please add your flight information here as well:

This year TV will be doing things a little differently for meals and activities. For dinner: Everyone will sign up for dinner on TV's reservation system. This will help keep a flow for a timely dinner. Use this link: and sign up for dinner through the Opentable “reserve now” button. We have a group reservation for the two Cowboy Cookout dinners (11/2, and 11/5) at 6:00pm. We just need reservations for the nights in the dining room.

For activities: TV has a new sign up system. It will open up each day a week prior. (11/2/22 activities will open on 10/26/22, 11/3/22 activities will open on 10/27/22). The team will monitor the activities and add to the schedule when needed. If an activity is full, add your name to the waitlist and TV will do their best to add extra capacity or events so everyone gets to participate. Our fall schedule will be available starting on 9/30/22 for anyone who wants to see what we will be offering during the week.

For Spa appointments, everyone can call TV's main line 520-296-6275

Keep watching for more updates as we get closer! For those who missed out this year, watch around the beginning of October for EqScape 2023 reservation information to be released.

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