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Activities Open!

From Hanna, the event coordinator:

The Activities are now online for everyone to start booking! To book the activities each guest will need to have a confirmation number. Final Deposits on the rooms are due this next week. Single rooms owe a balance of $1027.86 and the double rooms will owe a balance of $671.54 per guest. If you would like to let the group know they can give me a call at (520)731-5574, or email me at to finalize their room payment. Once they contact me to make that final payment I can send them a copy of their confirmation numbers. I will also be reaching out to everyone next week to collect that payment. We do have 2 open rooms that have 2 queen beds if anyone would like to sign up to come, otherwise I will drop those rooms back into inventory next week. We are looking forward to having y'all here in just a few short months!

Please bump so everyone sees!

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