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Activities Open!

From Hanna, the event coordinator:

The Activities are now online for everyone to start booking! To book the activities each guest will need to have a confirmation number. Final Deposits on the rooms are due this next week. Single rooms owe a balance of $1027.86 and the double rooms will owe a balance of $671.54 per guest. If you would like to let the group know they can give me a call at (520)731-5574, or email me at to finalize their room payment. Once they contact me to make that final payment I can send them a copy of their confirmation numbers. I will also be reaching out to everyone next week to collect that payment. We do have 2 open rooms that have 2 queen beds if anyone would like to sign up to come, otherwise I will drop those rooms back into inventory next week. We are looking forward to having y'all here in just a few short months!

Please bump so everyone sees!

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Yes, we're still active, but I'm posting most of the info on the PWE FB page. Right now, we're still waiting to hear information on what the activities will be and if they will be open with all of the virus stuff. This is where I publish the details that are firmed up, so check back when we get a little closer!

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